Help and Advice

We are currently living through times that could not have been foreseen or predicted. Nevertheless the Forum is doing everything we can to reach out and support our members.

Covid-19 might have taken away some things but it can never stop us innovating and adapting our services and support to accommodate a fast-changing environment. 

Here are some LGBT+ specific resources that you might find helpful in the fight against the pandemic.

Improving Londoners' Mental Health and Wellbeing

Thrive London, supported by the Mayor of London and the London Health Board, is a citywide movement for mental health. Its aim is for London to be:

  1. A city where individuals and communities are in the lead.
  2. A city free from mental health stigma and discrimination.
  3. A city that maximises the potential of children and young people.
  4. A city with a happy, healthy and productive workforce.
  5. A city with services that are there when and where needed.
  6. A zero suicide city.

London's communities, organisations and services will come together to support the movement with an important goal: For Londoners to enjoy healthier happier lives.

They will be encouraging Londoners to join the movement to learn more about mental health and attend key events where they can explore issues, share experiences, discover solutions and support others.

In the meantime, they welcome you to share your views with them. They value insights from persons with experience of issues and from those who care for and support them.

They also want Thrive LDN to be inclusive of London's diverse communities and the range of experiences and needs they have.

Cuppa with a Copper

Every Thursday the Met LGBT+ Advisors will be available at 62 Firth Street in Soho between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. to discuss your needs and concerns in a safe and relaxed setting. Everyone is welcome.

The following organisations can assist If you need advice on any LGBT issues: